The Manufactured Body Project (2017-ongoing).

The Manufactured Body Project is the practice research project I have  been working on since 2017. Although this project has been historically academic it continues to use my body as the canvas and the material of my work. Academically it explores art theory from the 1960s-onwards specifically how performance artists have used their bodies in their practices. This lens of interrogation has evolved through the focus as the exhibition as research since 2021 that now considers the public and the audience as the material. The focus of the project is to provoke a conversation on how we can re-manufacture our bodies positively. 

 Written material to be published soon.


I am interested in our bodies' transformative, visceral nature and using the artist's body as research. Using the artist's body this way changes our perceptions and hopefully provokes a conversation about how we manufacture our future bodies differently. Additionally, it collapses the space between the artist and the life model and pushes what drawing, painting and photography can be when using the body to reimagine our bodies differently. It transcends and transforms all traditional interpretations of the body. 


"I use my body as the canvas, because it's the medium I know the best; it's malleable, transformable and honest"...


I am NOT your Venus (2024)

A Theory on a Miss Performance 23-24 

Becoming Body Layering Concept 2023. 

This body of work is a form of process from previous work. It contemplates the space between fine art and applied art, health and material bodies, and the arrangement of subject and object.  A holistic approach to what our bodies are becoming? 

Critique from Instagram. 

Describes as visceral, beautiful, elements of skin tones that strike at the heart of the body and paint being part of one. You can feel and see yourself immersing yourself in the work and becoming one with it. The black and white/ jubilation of shape and colours. There's a chaotic control to your work- like a permeative search for self within the eye of the storm. (This is true within the making of the work. The performance aspect or use of the live/real body is chaotic and intuitive. Then it becomes controlled through the juxtaposition- digitally of the images. 

A counterblast to cyberspace is exploring our humanity as AI encroaches but having to hide behind facades. This brings it all into question alongside the authenticity of AI. 

The Manufactured Body, Artist Talk, Digital Exhibition, Times Square New York, 2023.

22 June 2023, The Manufactured Body Project, as part of Artist Talk digital Magazine, was shown on screens in Times Square New York. 

The Manufactured Body Exhibition, 2023.

The Manufactured Body Exhibition, a five-room curation held at the historic Ancient Priors in March 2023. 

Becoming the Painting Series 2021-ongoing.

My DIRTY Body Installation 2023.

The Body as a Canvas 2019-2022.

Exploring the body's Materiality as the canvas performance, film, process and photography. The work exists in films of the body becoming a painting, showing the material reality of our bodies and skin and exploring themes of body image and transformation.

Body as a Canvas 2019-2021

Body as a Canvas 2022

Becoming the Painting 2022

Becoming the Life Drawing 2021

Manufactured Body Language 2019

Remains 2019 (Thinking through the Body)

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