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Finding Place 22nd - 25th March 2024

Alison Dollery and Sophie Nowakowska, are thrilled to announce 'Finding Place' project, taking place from the 22nd to the 25th March 2024 at The Ancient Priors, 49-51 High Street, Crawley RH10 1BQ. 

This initiative, supported by Crawley Borough Council, POP UP Culture and part of the WORDfest: Crawley's Festival of Words, opens up a conversation about "What do we need art for?" and is a testament to the commitment to bridging contemporary art with the local community. The curatorial approach is rooted in the belief that art is a sanctuary, a medium for expressing the inexpressible. The exhibition will feature an eclectic mix of artistic mediums, each piece a narrative in its own right, reflecting the profound connection between art and the spaces it inhabits. Participating Art sits: Sarah Maple, Alison Dollery, Mary Modha, Damaris Athene, Dora Perini, Elizabeth Rose Alster, Felicity Tallman, Marine Elliott, KV Duong, Max Adams and more.


Art serves as a vital conduit for expressing the inexpressible. It's about communicating emotions, ideas, and experiences that often transcend the boundaries of language. This expression can manifest in myriad forms, from paintings and sculptures to music and literature, each medium offering a unique lens through which we can explore the human condition. 

The creation of art mirrors the act of building a home. Just as we adorn our living spaces with photographs, books, and colours that resonate with our personal stories, art allows us to arrange and reinterpret our inner landscapes. These pieces are tangible representations of our joyous and sorrowful memories, scars, love, and relationship with our very selves. 

In this process, art becomes more than just an object or a performance; it transforms into a sanctuary. Whether it's a canvas smeared with paint, a melody woven through the air, or the rhythm of well-crafted words, each piece contributes to a more significant, immersive experience. This artistic environment is akin to a home, providing a space of comfort and reflection, where one finds their place to explore and express their deepest thoughts and feelings.

This personal aspect of art makes each creation uniquely significant to its creator. Just as no two homes are exactly alike, each work of art holds a distinct essence that reflects the individuality of its maker. It's a physical manifestation of one's internal world, a world that invites others to step in, explore, and perhaps find a piece of themselves within. Essentially, we need art to connect to ourselves, others, and the world around us. It is a bridge that links the seen and unseen, the said and unsaid, the felt and the unfelt. Art, in its many forms, is not just an accessory to life; it's a fundamental aspect of what makes us human, helping us to create, share, and understand the complex tapestry of human experience.


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